Supporting people to embrace their difference and celebrate neurodiversity.

Status education cic

Who are we and what do we offer?

The aim of Status Education CIC is to provide practical support to neurodiverse people in the South East and London. Our staff are all disabled and have lived experience of neurodiversity.

Our objectives are:

To seek funding to support specific projects in distinct geographical areas to help anyone with a learning difference to achieve their dreams.

To provide confidence building courses which are aimed at meeting the psychological needs of our clients in terms of mental health, self-esteem, competence, autonomy, and good quality relationships.

To be a source of support and guidance for those who are awaiting diagnosis of neurodiversity and their families and personal network.

To identify employers who are willing to give people with mental health issues and learning differences a chance.

To offer practical training in a number of sector specific areas to help our clients have the best chance of getting their perfect role.

To offer advice through the Safe and Warm SGN scheme to residents in Surrey who are struggling with their fuel bills or need help to communicate with energy suppliers.

Most of all to celebrate the superpower of neurodiversity!

  • Functional Skills
  • Entry to Housing
  • Life Skills
  • Food Hygiene

  • Customer Service
  • Safeguarding
  • Business start up
  • Fundraising for you business

Supporting people to find sustainable employment, develop new skills and gain independence.

Status education cic


Who can get support?

You can get our funded support* if you:

  • Are over 16 and unemployed or economically inactive
  • Live in London or the South East
  • Don’t have a job and are not in education or training; or
  • Think you are neurodiverse but have not yet had a diagnosis
  • Are struggling to manage with energy bills and need advice

* eligibility criteria applies

What is on offer?

Our specialist team will help you:

  • Establish your personal and learning needs
  • Put together a flexible learning plan which is individual to you
  • Talk to employers on your behalf
  • Help you cope with stress and worry caused by the rising cost of living
  • Talk to your family and friends about your neurodiversity
  • Manage your condition

Help you develop your confidence and personal goals

  • Help develop your skills and knowledge
  • Encourage you to make new friends and contacts
  • Help you gain access to short, work ready courses such as Health and Safety, Food Hygiene and Functional Skills
  • Learn how to project yourself and appear confident

Who will be supporting me?

Qualified, specialist trainers from Status Education CIC

Mental health first aid specialist staff

Level 5 Understanding Social Enterprise qualified business advisors

Neurodiverse mentors who have lived experience

What courses are we running at the moment:

  • A fun and interesting course every Tuesday 11-1 at Wandsworth Library, open to anyone who is claiming Universal Credit till the end of February 2024. You will get a FREE STUDENT CARD and support to identify your life goals and explore business start up
  • A small group course at the Marriott Hotel Twickenham 11 – 1 on Wednesdays till the end of February, open to anyone who is claiming Universal Credit. You will get a FREE STUDENT CARD and support to identify your life goals and explore business start up
  • A fascinating and fun course every Friday at Kingston Library 11 – 1 till end February 2024. You will get a FREE STUDENT CARD and support to identify your life goals and explore business start up

Our support programme for people in the South East of England and South London continues to operate.

We will continue to support all service users via phone, video and email.


Skills and qualifications to build a better future

status education cic